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All products can be delivered conveniently and economically directly to your home. Mailings from Germany. Please access our net-shop via this link.

The products of Suomen Laatupuukko - special knives for mushrooms, cray fish knives, kitchen knives and the chopper - represent the best of Finnish handicrafts. The natural materials and hand made products are both stylish and practical.

Suomen Laatupuukko has been granted the certificate "In the Spirit of Kalevala" for high quality and respect of tradition.

The Finnish National Epoch Kalevala tells how all products for every day use were prepared with joy and singing, which gave them almost magical qualities. Beauty was essential and the engravings tell the stories of the wild animals, the cycle of life and how the world was birthed.

Suomen Laatupuukko also offers other quality products than Kalevala series. The knives vary from delicate mushroom blades to hunting knives, the classical Finnish "puukko".

We are also proud to offer training both in manufcturing and use of our various knives.

Mushroom knife Värikkäät tupelliset sieniveitset Crayfish knife
Mushroom knife Värikkäät tupelliset sieniveitset Crayfish knife
Chef's blade Kitchen chopper
Chef's blade Kitchen chopper