Laatupuukko lähellä suomalaisen sydäntä


The products of Suomen Laatupuukko Oy – mushroom knives, crayfish knives, kitchen knives and the kitchen chopper – are jewels of the Finnish handicraft tradition. The materials are taken directly from nature and skillfully refined into high-quality-products, which are not only functional, but also beautiful. In 2004, the products were awarded the “In the Spirit of Kalevala Finland” -certificate, which guarantees the products are of high quality and part of the Finnish national tradition.

“In the area of Kalevala work was done with joy and virtuosity. The raw materials came from nature, and even things for everyday use were richly decorated. Aesthetics was an essential element of the object and its character. The decoration of the items brings nature close to their user. It tells stories about the animals of the forests, about the birth of the earth, about the river of life – In the Spirit of Kalevala.”